Project Le Blu Sac

Deal Synopsis      

Project Le Blu Sac aims to translate your tone of voice into your accessories and into everything you do. Thoughtful design, a chic sensibility and a touch of artisan allure go into crafting a true Le Blu Sac bag. The bags are made with genuine leather and they deliberately retain natural flaws for a timeless appeal. Take away the clutter of the unnecessary and pay attention to what truly matters with The Master Organizer and The Compact Sling. These multi-functional bags have the elegance to compliment your social outings and design sensibility to assist your competitive work life. Apple products are compatible.

The bags are simply what they aim to be without fuss or ornamentation. They are functional yet elegant.
Sleek straight lines that form the silhouette of the bag highlights the functional elements and emphasizes attention to detail.

The Laptop Bag and Sling Bag design focuses on

• Efficiency
• Simplicity
• Practical
• Essentials
• Functionality
• Elegance
• Sophistication

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Project Le Blu Sac 04 2822657 Others MENA, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India


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