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Project Health Tech provides an array of software and hardware solutions for the healthcare industry.

We employ innovative technologies like Blockchain, Cloud computing, and IoT that enable healthcare institutions to drive significant improvements in patient care, operational efficiency, and visitor experience.

Through our state-of-the-art products - Healthcare Instruments - we design personalized and interactive experiences to ensure that accurate and timely information is being conveyed to patients and employees at all times.

This not only enhances patient satisfaction but also reduces the institution’s operational costs.

Product Overview

Project Health Tech is an IoT based post-surgery care device equipped with military-grade sensors to capture the patient health data accurately and share it with doctors, to know patient health condition while consulting through online or offline.

Project Health Tech is not only a patient activity monitor but it also helps patients by reminding the medicines to take on a timely basis, exercises, food intake, etc. As well as alerts when the medicines are about to finish.

Using the device patients can contact doctors at ease, they can check for the nearest clinics or pharmacies. If there is an emergency they can reach emergency care in a single click.
They can schedule an appointment with the doctor for an in-person visit or online consultation.

All the medical records and vitals will be stored digitally on the device they can share them with a doctor and they can carry the device to the doctor to show.


Project Health Tech is a powerful solution for hospitals that want to keep their patient PHR records interoperable, secure and scalable. They can push the data from multiple EMRs to the blockchain and store information securely on it. Below are the features that come with every package. They are not limited to it!

  1. Register: The patient is registered by the hospital by collecting the required details.
  2. Appointment: Based on the availability of a particular doctor, the patient will be able to schedule an appointment with the doctor.
  3. Diagnosis & Assessment: The doctor assesses the patient by studying vitals and reports belonging to the patient and updates his diagnosis as a part of the new block to the existing chain.
  4. Diagnostics (Imaging & Sample Collection): On assessment, if the patient requires any additional diagnostic tests to be conducted, the results of the same can be updated in the PHR in the form of a new block on the existing blockchain.
  5. Prescription: This is the final stage, a patient is prescribed with the medications and bits of advice from the doctor based on assessment and diagnosis. It is created as the third block as a part of the report block.


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