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Wehbe Insurance Services (WEHBE) is an independent insurance broker in the region. Over the years, WIS has grown manifolds, and is now considered one of the most renowned names in the insurance intermediary industry in the UAE. For over 50 years, WEHBE has helped private and corporate clients meet their insurance goals in accordance with the best available international standards.

We endeavor, with integrity and constancy, to maintain solid and strategic relationships with our associate offices, and this in turn allows us to manage and control risks locally, regionally and globally.

Our independent status grants us the privilege of selecting, in accordance with our high standards, the best and most respected local and global insurance companies whose services and products, whether personal, corporate, medical or financial, reflect our vision and commitment. No insurance service is too small or too big for us, as we are adept, and well equipped, at handling all types and cases of insurance with ease and proficiency.

The real strength of WEHBE lies in its full service network which offers clients a very personal service, backed by the technical resources necessary to resolve all kinds of insurance problems or challenges.

Our team members are sharp and keep abreast of the changes that occur in the insurance industry. Their understanding of the complex world of insurance, in addition to their distinctive interactive ability to interact with our clients at level terms sets apart from our competitors.

Our main aim is to always provide our clients with the best available insurance programs, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Dedicated departments were established within WEHBE to ensure full and comprehensive provision of services that meet our clients’ needs and requirements. These departments are corporate insurance, employees benefits, financial planning, motor insurance and private insurance.


WEHBE is recognizing the need to create a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive. Such an environment will attract the broadest range of employees so we can hire the most talented applicants.

Bringing together employees with various perspectives has other benefits as well, such as enhanced creativity and better business solutions. A company familiar with the preferences of various demographic groups can better position its product for sale in these market segments. And employees who feel valued perform better, so a workplace without tension created by a clash of cultures is more productive.

Ultimately, businesses that effectively manage diversity will outperform their competition.


It is understandable to have a few apprehensions about insurance and insurance companies at large. You can never be completely at ease when it is your money and safety that is involved. We understand.

Unlike some companies, we do not just try to make a sale in a hurry. We ensure that our customers understand in simple terms what each policy entails. Once a company is selected, we will become your spokesperson when corresponding with the selected company. In cases of claims and reimbursements, we will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. Our years of knowledge of the industry and our excellent working relationship with insurance companies, makes it convenient for us to help you. With us, you will never feel forsaken. We are on your side. Being well positioned to expand our operation and take advantage of the myriad opportunities a rapidly changing market can present, we are perhaps not surprisingly enthusiastic about the years ahead.

No matter how much we grow, we will always look forward to providing our clients with the highest level of professional and personal service, without forsaking the need for First Class Security.

Wehbe Insurance Services leads you, guides you and protects you in the complex world of insurance.



  • Dubai: 5th Floor, Oud Metha Offices, Sheikh Rashid Road.
  • Abu Dhabi: 17th Floor, 3 Sails Building, Corniche Road.

Tel: +97147048600 or  800 93423
Fax: +97143244010
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