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O Coqueiro - Authentic Goan Portuguese Cuisine

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An authentic Goa experience like no other!

Do you know that the first Chicken Cafreal in Goa was served in Coqueiro? That's not all. Coqueiro bagged an International Award for Excellence in Cuisine. It picked up this accolade from the International Wine & Food Society, UK. The restaurant is also the Top Choice for Goan Portuguese Food in Goa. But more than anything, your own personal experience of Coqueiro will bowl you over. The authentic Goan cuisine, the unrivalled service and its native open decor and ambience ensure an unforgettable outing


Slice of history, bites of authenticity.

What kicked off as a simple bar and snacks eating joint way back in 1968 is today a work renowned gourmet restaurant. In the early 1970s, Chef Gines Viegas returned from East Africa with enough catering experience to turn Coqueiro into a heaven of authentic Goan Portuguese food. Even the name is true to life: It means 'coconut tree' in Portuguese. Then came along a man named Charles Shobhraj who, unable to resist the food, sat down to dine. But his disguise failed him as his hands were cuffed before he could lick his fingers to his heart's content.


Piping hot food, warm hospitality

While the food, dished out by Our Chef, is still the roust of Coqueiro, the hospitality isn't far behind. And this goes for not just fine dining, but for all kinds of celebrations and events at the restaurant. From intimate one-to-one evenings, to a boogie-woogie party that waltzes late into the night, Coqueiro extends the same warmth to every occasion.

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