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Ancestral Goa

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Ancestral Goa


History beckons the visitor to an era - a century past, where time stands still and page after page in life size structures and statues turn testimony to the Goan cultural and traditional heritage. A vintage production of goa - as it existed under the colonial ambiance yet still retaining a checkers flavour of originality. Ancestral Goa - a museum of a mock - up village flanked by lush parkland, welcomes you.


Graceful swans charm the entrance to the reception. Elephants carrying flowered pillars with multi-hued and decorated beams deck the entryway. A spacious room redolent of the Goan - Portuguese aura replete with a palanquin, sepia-toned photographs, domed lamps and a designed marble floor feeds one the anticipation of a moment when a whole treasure in the book of history will unfold. The traditional 'aarti' is performed as part of the greeted welcome by a sari-clad goan girl.


The Ledgend

Blessed with a deep sense of duty and unending goodness, a wealty landowner by the name of Mahadar helped the poor. Greedy neighbours wishing to take advantage of his naivete kept on asking him for help till one day fleeced by all his possessions and destitute with the loss of his wife, he was left alone. The Gods pleased with his devotion granted him immortality only if he paid penance by standing on one foot atop a rock. When done, Mahadar was taken to heaven whereupon, the footprint he left behind promised luck to whosoever stood on it with a heart free from greed and malice


The Sculpture

This National Landmark captures Sant Mirabai singing devoutly to the almighty strumming on her ektara and measuring 14 metres by 5 metres. This monolith was single - handedly chiseled by the artist Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares. Sculpted in Greco - Roman style from a vast expanse of laterite stone in August 1994 at Loutolim, Goa, in a record time of 30 days. This work has been cited in the Limca Book of Records as the Longest Laterite Sculpture in India.


How To Get There ?

Most tour operators have this famous site on their packages. Otherwise one can take a bus or motorcycle - taxi from Margao and head towards a village about 10 kms away called Loutoulim.

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