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Goa Tourist Info

Intro :Tourism and Goa go hand in hand. Goa is one of the most preferred places for an unforgettable holiday in India. The main source of income for the state government as well as residents comes from tourists to boost their trade. Notably, Goa is the state with the highest GDP in India.

By Air:
Dabolim Airport is well connected to metropolitans such as Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai. It also accommodates international flights from several locations around the the world, so visitors from outside India have several ways of getting to their favourite destination.

By Rail:
Indian Railways connects Goa with direct train services from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Kochi, Kolkata, Thiruvanantapuram, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The destination station is usually Madgaon in South Goa or Karmali in North Goa. Trains from Mumbai and most other places have a quota of seats set aside for tourists.

By Bus:
There are several bus routes from various cities, but most traffic is from mainly Mumbai and Pune. Due to increasing demand from the south, there has been an increase in buses and trains from Mangalore, Bangalore and New Delhi. Overnight buses from Mumbai to Goa are an alternative to trains and flying.The main centre for booking train and bus tickets, in Panjim, is around the Kadamba inter-state bus terminus.

Warning and Dangers :
Please note use, possession and trade of drugs (hard or soft) is totally illegal in Goa. If caught in possession, 10 years rigorous imprisonment in jail and Rs 10,000 in fine is your gift from the Goa Police. There is no bail for any drug offence, or any time off for good behaviour; you serve every day of the given sentence.

Registration of Foreigners :
Foreigners who enter India with a visa valid for more than 180 days are required to register with the nearest foreigners registration officer within two weeks of their arrival even if they do not plan to stay for more than 180 days.
Registration is required only once during the validity of visa. They may leave the country and re-enter as many times as they desire provided the visa is multi-entry. However, they are required to surrender their registration certificate at the time of their final departure from India.Extending your Visa: Tourist Visas can be extended by three months at the foreigners' registration office at Police Headquarters (Ground Floor) Opp. Azad Maidan, Panaji. Tel -2426545

Passport Visa and Customs :

Travelers should ensure passport validity for the entire period of the stay. If your passport is lost or stolen, you should immediately contact the closest embassy or consulate of your country.

In case you want to extend your visa, contact the Foreigners Regional Registration Office located in the Police Headquarters at Panaji.
Contact Details:
Foreigners Regional Registration Office
Police Head Quarters
Panaji 403001, Goa
Tel: (+91-832) 2225360, 2224604

Visitors are usually asked if they have anything to declare on arrival. You should not bring in more than US $10,000 in cash without declaring it. Likewise, video and camera equipment and other expensive, easily sold items should be declared on arrival.
No duty is applicable on personal effects and travel souvenirs, e.g., clothes, toiletry articles, medicines, watches, etc. These articles must be for the personal use of the tourist and they must be re-exported when tourist leaves India for foreign destinations unless they have been consumed in India.

Money exchange:
While in Goa, money exchange must be one of your primary concerns. You need not worry and rack your brains over currency exchange in Goa. There are plenty of money exchanges in Goa and most hotels also offer this service to tourists. Just to make sure that you travel safe while in Goa, convert your money into Traveler's Cheques.

Given below is a list of banks where you can avail the facility of currency exchange.
Bank of Baroda
Central Bank
Axis Bank
State Bank of India

Medical and Emergency Assistance:
Goa has one of the most extensive health systems in India. The Directorate of Health Services has an important role to perform in the Administration as far as health systems & services are concerned. Primary health care is essential health care for all citizens, easily accessible and at a cost which the citizens and community can afford.
There are four Urban Health Centres in the four major towns viz. Panaji, Margao, Vasco and Mapusa and one Medical Dispensary at Sada, Vasco and STD clinic at Baina, Vasco.
Emergency/ Medical - 108

NRI & Immigration Consultancy Services:
There are certain prerequisites for going abroad and working there. People who are keen on working abroad must seek advice from Immigration Consultants.
Make your journey more stress free. Our NRI & Immigration Consultancy will take care of your documentation and needs. Services like Passport/Visa/ Birth Certificates / Marriage Certificates /International Driving License /PCC.

Travel tips :
· Drugs are illegal. Avoid walking around town alone at night especially if in an inebriated state.
· Strong riptides in the sea and rivers make it unsafe to take a dip in some places at some times. Pay attention to the boards warning you.
· Bring along your driver's permit if you plan to hire a motorbike.
· Sea Snakes often get washed up on the beaches. Stay away from them. Some might be venomous.
· Do not swim in the monsoon. Do not drive any vehicle on the beach. It is prohibited
· Deposit all waste matter at the nearest dust bin available.
· In case you have to visit the hospital please insist on sterilised/disposable syringes and make sure that the blood is tested before transfusion.
· Pay taxis/autorickshaws by meter only or by tariff card issued by Directorate of Transport and available with the driver.
· Use Sulabh Shouchalayas (Public Pay Toilets) available at most places of importance.
· Do not accept food/drink from strangers.
· Do not be coerced into shopping by touts/guides/taxi drivers or strangers.
· Do not buy articles made from rare/endangered species of animals as such articles are banned under law.
· Do not smoke in public places/vehicles. Smoking and spitting is banned at all places of public use.
· Do not indulge in permissive sex as you run risk of being afflicted by disease of AIDS. This disease has no cure.

It is said that when people leave Goa, a part of them always stays back

Emergency Numbers:
Emergency/ Medical
Help Information
Railway Inquiry
Airport (Dabolim)
Dept of Tourism