Alibaba Cloud Helps Fight COVID-19 through Technology


At Alibaba Cloud, we are committed to our customers, helping your business survive and thrive, even during the most difficult of circumstances. Now, we are responding to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by putting the health and safety of our customers first, supporting the operations of your businesses without interruption.

When the COVID-19 appeared, its business impact was felt across multiple sectors, including the education, retail, logistics, finance, entertainment, transportation and manufacturing industries, which have all been hit hard.

During this ongoing health crisis, we are cooperating closely with many organizations, institutions, enterprises, and small businesses affected by the epidemic. We are offering them tailored cloud solutions to address the challenges and economic repercussions that they may face.

Key Learnings

  • DataV is a powerful and accessible data visualization tool. It provides a wide range of templates for all types of real-time data visualization scenarios such as monitoring the public health situation during the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • E-Commerce Solution for Retail helps businesses get online as quickly and painlessly as possible, using our best practices to guide this process.

  • Online Education product suite provides a full range of services for educational institutions to move lectures and teaching from classrooms to the cloud, ensuring student welfare and academic success.

  • DevOps Solution is a cloud-native solution, with which organizations can achieve delivery through continuous integration, with the required level of scalability and testing to deploy quality solutions to customers in any circumstances.

Download this whitepaper to learn about how Alibaba Cloud's cloud technologies, programs, and initiatives help individuals and companies fight against the threat of COVID-19.

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