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Royal Super Natural Designer Board

The tournament board has a rounded corner and a deeper frame. The deeper frame allows for faster, more accurate rebound shots, which are essential for advanced players.

The boards are made from the highest grade plywood.

The pockets fully covered from beneath by nets fixed at the bottom of the Carrom Board. Each net shall have the capacity of holding at least 10 Carrom Men.

The powder supplied of high quality to keep the playing surface smooth and dry. The powder shall not be wet. Pouches or containers filled with powder should be used to spread powder evenly over the playing surface.

  1. Price Included Carrom Men, Striker And Carrom Powder
  2. Outer Size Of Boarder  36" X 36"
  3. Inner Playing Surface 29" X 29
  4. Ply Thickness 12 Mm
  5. Frame Size 3" X 2 "
  6. Designer Natural Border
  7. Exceptional Rebounding Quality
  8. Water Resistance And Scratch Proof
  9. Actual Weight - ~ 13.72 Kg
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