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South Goa Churches

Some of the South Goa churches are the Church of Holy Spirit in Margao, decease Rachol Seminary in Rachol and The Church of St. Alex in Curtorim.


Holy Spirit Church, South Goa Church

The Church of Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Church is one of the most important and architecturally brilliant churches in Goa. The Church stands beautifully at the Largo De Igreja - Church Square in Margao. The Church was built in 1675 during the Portuguese rule in Goa. The Church of Holy Spirit, a beautiful white facade stands tall in the Old Market square of the buzzing commercial town of Margao in South Goa. It is believed that to build this church, the Portuguese had destroyed the Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Damodar that stood on this spot. Later, Muslim soldiers demolished the newly constructed church, which was again rebuilt and destroyed on several occasions. Since its consecration in 1675, the structure has endured the test of time.

Rachol Seminary, South Goa Church

Rachol Seminary (Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol)
Rachol Seminary, also known as the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachel is the diocesan major seminary of the Primal Catholic Archdiocese of Goa and Daman.
The Rachol Seminary Goa is a place of great spiritual significance for the denizens of Goa as it endorses Hinduism, Islam and Christianity in Goa. It is a major tourist attraction in Goa and is visited by numerous tourists all through the year.

St. Alex Church, South Goa

The Church of St. Alex in Curtorim.
This is a 400 plus year old Portuguese built church with a very lovely lake view. It was built in 1597 amidst a scenic natural backdrop of a lake Angoddi Tollem across woods on the site of an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the deity Ravalnath (a form of Lord Shiva). The church of St Alex was first a chapel church, in 1808 it was converted to a church. This church once housed the Kudtari/Kundodari Mahamaya temple deities, now currently located in Ghudo Avadem.